Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Okay, it's now 4 hours past my bed time and the alarm will surely jolt me out of bed in four hours. My Cortés y Moctezuma essay is written, my Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz homework undone (but that should only take me a few minutes to complete, I've read and studied her so much), my two psychology articles are unread and unanalyzed. Overall, I'm very disappointed in myself. I've somehow managed to make it to my senior year and still lack study & time management skills. In an attempt to reclaim time I've somehow managed to loose, the following is my new set of restrictions:

  • No blogging (reading, posting, commenting) between the hours of 9am & 4pm
  • No AIM (no chatting, no excessive away message checking, no being on, PERIOD) between the hours of 9am & 4pm
  • No web access unless wholly necessary for SCHOOL work between the hours of 9am & 4pm
  • No phone conversations between the hours of 9am & 4pm
  • Limited social interaction with like-minded roommate between the hours of 9am & 4pm
  • None of the previous after 9am on Friday until 9am on Saturday
  • Saturdays-no restrictions
  • Sundays-limited use of vices listed above, with a focus on church and homework

This leaves me with an hour after work to do my web stuff in the morning and my evenings free to do my social activities (small group bible study, Spanish church choir, communication) and get to bed on time. I can't really do much work while working in the psychology lab on Saturday, anyway, so that's a good time to catch up. Sundays I'm usually busy with church and grocery shopping and Wal-mart runs and catching up with various family members.

I can't even begin to understand where my time is going, and if I lay out 9am-4pm as SCHOOL-only time, maybe I can regain some control over things. My homework is hopelessly stacked, my thesis materials untouched, my stress level through the roof, and panic has already set it. Dude, this is only the 5th week!!! We're only 1/3rd through this thing. If I don't change now, I'm going to DIE and never write my thesis.

You may be asking yourself why I chose to write this post rather than snag the few moments I have left before the morning arrives. That's an easy one. If I don't post this, make it public, known, then no one will know what I've decided and I can't be held accountable for my digressions. While I don't expect that anyone will be checking my post/comment times, I've told you all my plan and that makes it real and I have to stick to it.

It may take me awhile to catch back up. I'll continue to lurk in my "free time" and I'll work on adding all the great new sites I've come across in the past few days (this whole blogging thing is truly addictive). Good night, sleep tight, everyone!!!


  1. No sweat Tina .. you know what is priorty right! School and homework, so get to it. If I catch you not sticking to your list I am going to remind you ... of course you will be missed, but you'll be back.

    BTW: I wrote on my book most of the night. I am tired ... and darn it, it almost 6 a.m. here! Well on that note, good night!

  2. you are showing amazing restraing from blogging !!! i don't think i could give it up , cold turkey...

  3. I haven't given it up cold turkey..I don't think I could do that. I've given it up during my most productive times of the day. I never get any work done in the evenings, so it's okay to blog when I don't have any hope of accomplishing anything anyway.

    LP, I figured I could count on your to keep my honest. I'm glad to hear you're working on your book.