Sunday, September 25, 2005

Christ Fellowship

Ah, Sundays! A time to refresh and prepare for the inevitably long week ahead. I've shared many times my love for my church and the faith and comfort it has given me. I want nothing more than for everyone in this world to find the kind of faith and love I have encountered at my place of worship. Granted, I have a bias that I'd prefer people seek this in a Christian setting, but above all, not matter what religion or creed, we all need so support from above when times get tough. It's so easy to forget that in the hussle and bussle of everyday life. Christ Fellowship, my church is starting a new series next week called "God @ Home." The link above (or here or in Spanish) will lead you to their main page. From there you can look around at your leisure. I'd like to point out that they have written a new devotional to go along with the series and you can purchase it online. I do believe the price only covers the cost of publishing. If there is some extra, it would go toward our Impacting Faith mission, which is a three year plan to reach out and let our area, and the entire world, know of God's love and saving grace. Another point of interest might be the live stream options. You can log on and connect with our services, live. We have three campuses and an internet audience all connected. Our motto goes something like this "we are truly one church with one heartbeat worshiping in many locations."

This church is by far the most eclectic that I've seen. We have SEVERAL different races and different socio-economic classes worshiping together. You can look around the congregation and see so many colors and backgrounds. While waiting to leave the parking lot this morning I saw a car that was probably mid-late 80's barely running, clumping along behind a brand new H2. It really is amazing to see all of our differences come together and literally dropped at the door. We are one, loving body of Christ.

I'll get off my soap box now, but I just wanted to share the love and excitement that I've been lucky enough to find. I hope everyone's Sunday is going well and the week ahead isn't too stressful!!


  1. I find the devotion to your faith most refreshing in such a young person!!

    Our Sunday is going well!!

  2. I am here Tina ... and I have been to the site and checked out everything. Look like you have hit a pot of Gold ... thank you for sending me the link.

    Will talk more about it later.

  3. Snavy--Your comment surprised me. I guess I don't consider myself all that much younger than you, although I'm sure looking back I'll be reminded of how young I really am. I actually made the mistake of getting involved with someone a couple years older than you, not too long ago. Plus, I fault myself for being so far away from my religion for so long, so it seems odd to hear someone comment on my devotion. It really is a recent thing.

    LP- I'm glad you checked out the site. I was sitting in church hearing them talk about the live stream, again, and suddenly thought of you. Let me know what/when you want to talk, I'm here. We can do it here, or you know how to get ahold of me.

  4. I am glad to hear your church is so diverse. That's a good sign when people from so many backgrounds feel welcome and part of a community. Thanks for sharing.