Friday, September 30, 2005

I'm it!

tag anyone ?

lets play tag

thanks to
Thom for "giving" me this idea !

the rules:

1. go into your archive.
2. find your 23rd post.
3. find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
4. post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
5. tag five other people to do the same.

here we go:

It literally appeared as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders/heart.

This came from an entry days after my friend tried to comit suicide. I had just gotten back from visiting her.

i tag the following:

anyone I can think of to tag probably won't play along :*( but it was kinda fun to go through and see which was my 23rd post, so you should do it anyway!!


  1. He tagged me too mainly because he knows I don't like getting tagged. Although it was pretty neat digging through archives.

  2. Fun...

    'But has anyone longed to be ordinary?'

  3. Dang .. this was a long run-on sentence, but it really is fun.

    "These days I am living out my desires ... and part of it is to share with others my true feelings and thoughts, especially about family abuse, or being abused by those we trust and love."

  4. BS & Thom--you boys crack me up, what can I say! Thanks for always having a laugh ready!

    Barb- Thanks for stopping by!! It's always an honor to receive comments from someone I so highly respect!!

    LP- I didn't think you'd do it!! I was going to tag you, but figured you'd be to busy for a silly thing like this. Thanks for proving me wrong--and with such a terrific line!!

  5. My young friend, I am old, but I love fun ... heck, I read old Tomcat all the time and join in the fun, but I never post. Youth is refreshing and it keeps us old ones young in thought and spirit.

    Bring it on ... oh darn it, didn't Bush say that! Well, either case, I enjoy the lighter side of life too!