Thursday, September 08, 2005

A busy and boring week

I realized I was missing my online interaction because I hadn't posted in almost a week. It's been an uneventful, but full week.

Sunday at church they were talking about the new small group bible study they want to start in October. I really felt called to agree to open up my small space to congregate once a week to further study His word. I'm rather nervous about the whole thing, as I've never done anything like this. I still have to clear it with my roommates, as it will be in our common area. I think it will be a neat experience, though.

My wonderful day off was spent catching up on all the work I hadn't done all weekend because I knew that I had Monday to do it. Oy, one of these days I'm going to break that stupid procrastination trait.

The newest member of our psychology staff is now on campus. No teaching, just counseling. My current psychology professor/advisor encouraged me to speak with him: "Everyone who wants to go into counseling should go through counseling or continually be in counseling. You can't help other people with their problems when you've got your own. And we ALL have problems." So I went to talk to him, explained a bit of my past and this past summer. Turns out I've got a lot more pent up anger and hurt with my father. So we're going to work on that more. That man will run my life no more. He had his 15 years and continued his reign unwelcomed. It's time for that to end and for me to move on.

Starting Saturday I'll starting running a psychology experiment. Actually, I'll just be running someone else's project, but it's good experience and it will be nice to put on my grad applications...which I need to work on. Oy!

Anyway, just wanted to give everyone a Tina update. My head is pounding as it has been. Hurricane Ophelia isn't helping things, playing with the atmospheric pressure around here. At least it looks like she's not looking to make landfall. I'm going to relax as my weekend begins and try to get some reading accomplished. Hope all is well with everyone else. I promise I've been lurking, but time has not allowed me to comment. I love you, all!!

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  1. No sweat .. pop in when you can, because you know I understand ...

    I am up to 16 chapters ... but couldn't write today, nor yesterday. I am depressed and working on it, no worry!

    You take care and watch out for Ophelia. Tina .. I am so glad you are getting counseling and working with your anger with your father. If you don't clear these hurdles when you are young, it will cause much suffering as you grow older.