Thursday, September 01, 2005

mi nuevo español

Hable con mi profesora de español por mucho tiempo, hoy. Ella estaba mi profesora por un clase al menos una vez de cada año y ahora es mi consejera de tesis. Así que, ella conoce a mí MUY bien. Ella está muy impresionada a mi español, por escrito y conversacional. El año pasado, hablamos en su oficina en ingles y en la sala en español. Estabamos en su oficina por más de una hora hoy y puedo contar en un mano cuantas palabras estuvieron en ingles. Hablamos de mi horario, mi tesis y mi experiencia en La República. Fue increíble hablar con ella sin vacilación. Yo sé que mi español no es perfecto todavía, pero uso el subjuntivo más y puedo expresarme por lo menos. Ella me dijo que ahora no uso la “s” como cualquier caribeño (con una gran sonrisa). ¡Soy tan orgullosa de mi misma!

I spoke with my Spanish professor for a long while, today. She has been my professor at least one a year and now is my thesis advisor. So, she knows me VERY well. She is very impressed with my Spanish both written and spoken. Last year, we spoke English in her office and Spanish in the classroom. I was in her office for over an hour today and I can count on one hand how many words were in English. We talked about my schedule, my thesis, and my experience in the Dominican. It was incredible to speak with her without hesitation. I know that my Spanish is still not perfect, but I'm using the subjunctive form more and I can express myself. She told me that now I don't use the letter "s" like any good Caribbean speaker (with a big smile). I'm so proud of myself!


  1. Congratulations! It must be wonderful to be bi-lingual. I think they should start teaching young children different languages when they are real young, because I believe they can contain it better. I am very proud of you Tina … whatever you put your mind too you can do … that’s my new motto!

  2. Congratulations ! This is cool !

    Did you check ou this blog : Qalamana?

    It's the photoblog of a spanish friend of mine who is still in Senegal. She blogs in spanish about being in Africa. Too cool ! (Maybe you can help me with her last comment - I couldn't make anything of it...)

  3. Thanks for the kudos!! You two are really quite an inspiration to me.

    Beaver, are you talking about the description under the photo of the two chicks?

  4. yup ! I don't understand one bit - I did a year of spanish in high school, so i only have limited vocabulary...

  5. I'll try to translate it for you, but I'd rather not post it here. Could you maybe e-mail me and I'll e-mail you back what I've come up with?