Sunday, September 18, 2005

Jesus + Music + Spanish = 1 Happy Girl

So today I decided to break out of my beloved comfort zone. What gets accomplished by being comfortable? I love the church I go to. Well, they have a service in Spanish as well. I couldn't get any of my Spanish savvy friends to endeavor the Jesus thing. I chickened out of going by myself for a couple of weeks, but I really wanted to try it out. I figured it'd be the perfect opportunity for me to keep up with my precious language skills acquired this summer. So, today, after the really inspiring regular service, I returned, alone, to check out this whole Spanish thing.

I got there and immediately wanted to leave. The sanctuary was basically empty and everyone regarded me in English--white girl syndrome. By the time the first song was over, there were a lot more people and it felt like "home" again (by home I mean the Dominican Republic). It was so cool. After a bit their miniscule choir got up to sing. It was so small it was almost laughable, but their hearts were in it and it was really cool. Towards the end of the service I was feeling terrific. I knew I'd probably fight myself to go for at least the next few times, but I knew I'd be glad I did each time. Then the pastor mentioned that the choir would really like new/more members. My ears perked up. I don't think I've ever talked about it on here, but I went to a performing arts high school for vocal music. I probably could have made something of myself musically, but wasn't interested in engaging in the cut-throat, make it or die arena. My opportunities to sing since then have become more and more limited and are basically left to the time I'm in the car.

My first thought is,
well, the other choir practices on Wednesdays (when I've always had classes so I've never been able to join) so maybe these guys will have to practice another night! Sure enough, the next statement was that they practice at 7:30 on Thursday nights. SWEET!!! I recognized one of the lead singers/soloists from the regular service and approached her after the service to see what I could do about joining. First, she was overly impressed by my Spanish and couldn't believe I was a gringa through and through. That was an ego boost in itself. She introduced me to a few people including the choir director. He said to come next Thursday and we'll go from there. Then the soloist started taking me around and introducing me to various people. It was so cool!! She was super sweet.

I left church so excited I was crying. The whole thing was so incredible. It's so interesting to see how God works in our lives. So now I'm supposed to be writing my spn lit paper, but I'm took excited (and a good bit tired as well). I think I'll do the lesser homework that I was going to do tomorrow tonight and do the paper tomorrow. All I know is that I won't be doing any school work Thursday night...I've got plans!!!


  1. Oh Tina ... I am so very happy for you. I would love to find a place where I feel comfortable to worship, as it is --- there is too much confusion. But reading this, I will not give up hope.

  2. Dearest friend, don't give up hope. There are a lot of worthless "churches" out there, but there are a lot of good ones, too. I'm lucky to have found a terrific one in English and in Spanish.

    Where in TX are you, again?? Our church has a lot of connections with churches around the country and I know there are several in Texas. I'll find out and let you know if there are any near you.

    Best of luck, but don't give up!


    P.S. How's that book coming along?

  3. Good on ya !

    My mum lives in a multicultural neighbourhood, and her church also has a spanish service. I've passed there before and it was, as you say, a glorious experience. Christianity has declined a lot in QC (espescially the Roman Catholic Church - which happens to be my native faith) and I always thought it was because of the paralysis of the worship. Chicanos really have a way to go about it ! Congrats !