Thursday, March 30, 2006


I'm here. Surviving. I know I haven't been faithful to this blog, but then I haven't been faithful to much of anything lately (save friends and Kevin). Life is rough but I'm almost done with my thesis. I may have figured out my grad school options. Maybe not.

I'm pretty disillusioned with the world right now. There's not much that isn't stressing me to the limit. I miss his loving arms that seem to take my cares away. I keep telling myself if I make it through the next week it'll all be better, but it seems to get worse. I hate complaining. I'm sorry that's all I've got for the few that still check in from time to time. Perhaps the next couple of weeks will bring better news that I can post. Perhaps something to be proud of will blow my way. Or at least something to be happy about.

Much love to all who stumble across my pathetic entry. I'll be better, just need a little bit of time and whole lot less stress.