Wednesday, June 09, 2010


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Friday, June 04, 2010

Mommy and Me...Fever addition :(

So I started feeling cruddy the other night.  My throat got all dry and icky and I tried to chalk it up to scooping the litter boxes and the dust I inhaled in the process.  But it didn't go away....

That night Kevin and Logan both tossed and turned.  They were both asleep the whole time, but both being loud and clearly uncomfortable.  Thus, I was up!  My throat got worse and worse and I tried to chalk it up to not being able to sleep.  But it didn't go away....

Yesterday I felt miserable when I got up.  I tried to play it off as feeling off from not getting any sleep, but my throat hurt too bad and I was too miserable.  I was sick!  :(  I was hoping Logan would get all my antibodies through my milk and he'd be just fine...praying and hoping and crossing my fingers.  But the fact that he had, uncharacteristically, tossed and turned the night before stuck in my mind.  By early evening I had a fever and his temperature was rising.  I called the ped and he told me to give him Tylenol if it got over 100 and to call him back if it reached 102.  Sure enough, next diaper change his temp was over 100.  Poor little guy!  A round of Tylenol (generic, I promise it's safe) brought his temperature back down.  I gave him another dose at bedtime just to make sure he got a good night's sleep.

Today we've been hanging out on the couch, just resting.  He had me up at 5am and I couldn't get back to sleep, partially because I had to take my best friend back to the airport this morning (so going to miss her).  His temperature has stayed down, but my great-aunt told me to watch it as the afternoon/evening progresses. Apparently the late afternoon/evening is when temperatures start going up.  So far today my little guy has just nursed and slept.  I'm glad he's nursing, at least.  Don't need him getting dehydrated.  I'm drinking as much juice as I can (water makes me gag when I'm sick) so I stay hydrated for him.  When he's awake, he's happy and his normal smiling self...just looks worn out and goes back to sleep quickly.

I'm hoping tomorrow brings a happier, healthier day for both of us!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

One year ago today

One year ago today my nephew was born.  I was in the middle of fertility treatment that hadn't been working.  I was so frustrated and defeated.  Actually, I had given up on my fertility specialist (reproductive endocrinologist--RE) and had an appointment scheduled with a new RE on the high recommendation of a friend who was fighting a similar battle.

This day last year I was cursing my body for bleeding and begging a nurse to find me a tampon because we were at the hospital much longer than anticipated.  Then I called my mom to pick up my Femara from the pharmacy before they closed.  She knew it was a drug from the RE but didn't know what it did or why (Femara is a cancer drug for post menopausal women that is used to help women ovulate).  Don't think I ever paid her back for that.....Don't think she cares much.... :)  It would still be another month until I ovulated and a couple of weeks after that before I thought to test (thought I hadn't ovulated and was using progesterone cream to hold off my period until I saw the new RE).

Kind of crazy!