Friday, September 09, 2005

Dominican Pics

This post is dedicated to Liquid Plastic, in honor of the Voice's LA heritage, and to inspire our Traveling Beaver as she sets out on a new journey. May all enjoy!!!

I finally got my pictures from my trip loaded on my computer. I picked some of the most fun photos to share!!

These are my boys, Manuel y Moises. Manuel is Mami's grandson. Moises is technically Mami's nephew, but she raises him as her son.

The next couple are from the capital, Santo Domingo.

This is Fortaleza de Osama. If you enlarge the picture, you might be able to see the people coming down the steps (look just above the diagonal lines). (The new pic in my profile, which looks much more like me, was taken at the top of the fortress)

Lake of suffering-- this was a beautiful lake underground in some caverns. It was weird, one minute you see buildings, then there's this area set aside for these caverns and underground lakes.

This was a waterfall we rode to on horseback one weekend. Everyone got in the water, but I decided to sit back on a rock and just enjoy the view.

The falls from the previous picture are visible in the lower left corner of this picture. This was the rest of the view. It was amazing to just take in all of God's glory. If you look close at the middle bottom of the picture, you can see the little kids that were our "guides" on the trip.

Hello, just chillin' here atop my horse!

Tiffany, Me, Moises, Manuel (in front) at Sousa Beach. Check out how clear the water is.

Jorgie y Manuel. Manuel passed out after a fun day at the beach. But before he did, he did the sweetest thing: Jorgie was riding in that seat so he could keep the van door open to give us some more air. Manuel reached around his dad and pulled the seatbelt over him and buckled him in before we took off (they hardly ever wear seatbelts). This is my favorite picture from my trip. You can see Jorgie's love for his son in his eyes.

After the beach we went to the river to rinse the salt and sand off before driving all the way home (an hour or two). Can you find me?? Just look for the white chick!

Me & Latosha feeding the stone man on campus

Tiffany, Papi, Mami, Me--the family, too bad my eyes are closed

Mami & me chilling on the balcony, this was our normal evening position. Well, that's only partly true. I'd sit there and Mami would run between smoking outside and peeking around the corner where her Soaps were on. The best times of the trip were spent on that balcony just chatting it up.


  1. Wow Tina .. You seem to be having a lot of fun ... the pictures are beautiful. Thank you ... I am being cheered up today! By the way I see what you mean by Track 4 and 7 ... very comforting.

    Maybe I will get some writing done tonight.

    Thanks for the dedication --- I daresay, speaking for all of us, we really are honored and appreicate the beautiful thoughts.

  2. I'm glad you've been cheered today. I was hoping if not by me, that someone would help you out of your funk.

    I'm so glad you like those songs. The rest is good, too. (I'm more excited that it actually made it to YOU this time)

    You three have really touched me and helped me through a rough end of the summer (although I wish J would come out and play again).

    Get back to writing, young lady! You have to finish so we can party it up in TX for the first signing party!!!

  3. These are really nice pics :)

    I can understand how you'd miss these people. They seem really nice and fun to be with.

    Can't wait to get some of my own out there ;)

    Thanks for the dedication !

  4. wow, beautiful pictures. sousa beach photo takes the cake!!

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