Thursday, September 15, 2005

More Pictures

I love that I finally figured out how to post pictures. Here's a few happy shots to bring smiles to your face (I hope!).

Yes, that's a blonde chick, in heels, changing a tire in less than 15 minutes, on the way to church! (and yes, that's me)

My god-daughter looking all cute and innocent!

Me and my god-daughter playing, after she played in the rain for a bit and had to be changed into dry clothes.

My boy, eating the happy meal toy I got in the Dominican Republic. And, yes, I do mean eating. The ears on that thing are significantly shorter and there's no other evidence (except maybe in the litter box).


  1. Hello, I found you thru Thom´s blog, i like the pictures, very nice :)

  2. Found you through Thom too! He's so good with the ladies!!

    Very cool pics -- very impressed with the changing of the tire! You go girl!!

  3. Thanks for stopping in ladies!! Feel free to come back and visit any time. This site's a bit random, you/I never really know what's going to be posted next.

  4. Now I am impress -- 15 minutes and in high heal none the less! Beautiful pictures Tina.

  5. hey i found you through thom's blog too , oh wait ... that's me !

    aren't goddaughters great - spoil them , then give them back when they are bratty :)

    love the cat btw, er your boy ...

  6. Yes, Goddaughters are terrific and spoiling them is even better. The second pic of her shows her sporting the T I bought for her in the Dominican Republic. She receives more of my income than any other given person (save myself, of course).

    Yeah, I love my boy. Bacon's the name (don't ask I was 15 and going through a really terrible time). He's certainly a character. I know little about HTML, so check out this ghetto link to a post dedicated to him.
    LP, this is the rebel I was describing previously. I tried to post a pic then, but hadn't figured it out yet.

  7. Great pic, Tina !

    Wow, I don't even know how to change a wheel...

    You GD is really adorable ;) Looks like you have a great relationship too !

    You know, I used to have a cat just like that. He looks all lovable and crazy :)