Tuesday, August 30, 2005

un corazón tan triste

Hablé con Mami, hoy. Le extraño tanto. Ella quiere que yo regresar a visitar a ella. Dijo muchas cosa de me y como soy. Dijo que todo en la familia, incluyendo a Papi, habla de mí todo el tiempo. Estaba llorando cuando tuve que cerrar la llamada. Extraño mi Mami, mi hermana, mi hermanito y, de verdad, un poco de Papi también. Mi familia anfitriona fue increíble y todavía son extraordinarios. Quieren que yo regrese pronto. Quiero como nada más. Quiero comer mi arroz y habichuelas. Quiero sentar en el balcón y hablar por horas y horas. No entiendo como puedo tener emociones tan fuertes después de solo seis semanas. Me dijo que yo y solo la mujer que estaba allí para empezar el programa, cambiamos el corazón de Mami tanto. Ella tiene familia en Tampa y en Ohio. Me dijo que no puedo regresar, quizás, podemos reunir en Tampa o más probable para ella, en Ohio.

No puedo escribir todo que está en mi corazón. Al primer, pensé fue porque no puedo hablar con tanto facilidad en español. Pero, no es el caso. No puedo describir mis emociones en ingles, tampoco. Soy tan deprimida hoy. Pero, ya sé que voy a ver a ella de nuevo en algún día.

I’ve translated what I originally wrote in Spanish. Sadly, the translation is a little rough. Even for me, translating my own thoughts from one language to another is difficult sometimes (the spelling was terrible after writing in Spanish…thank goodness for spell check).

I spoke with Mami today. I miss her so much. She wants me to return to visit her. She said many things about me and how I am. She said that everyone in the family, including Papi, talks about me all the time. I was crying when I had to hang up. I miss my Mami, my sister, my little brother, and in truth, a little of Papi as well. My host family was incredible and they still are extraordinary. I want to return soon. I want it like nothing else. I want to eat my rice and beans. I want to sit on the balcony and talk for hours and hours. I don’t understand how I can have such strong emotions after only six weeks. She told me that only I and the woman who was there to start the program changed her heart so much. She has family in Tampa and in Ohio. She told me that if I couldn’t return, perhaps we can meet in Tampa or more likely for her, in Ohio.

I can’t write all that’s in my heart. At first I thought it was because I can’t speak as easily in Spanish. But that’s not the case. I can’t describe my emotions in English, either. I’m so depressed today. But, I already know that I will see her again some day.


  1. Don't be sad... rejoyce that you had such a wondeful experience. It may be written in the sky that you are fated to live in the Dominican Republic, you will return, just as I keep going to Africa despite all my efforts to integrate Montrealer society !

    :) U're a great chick, do you know that ?

  2. You know Tina ...
    When hearts touch on such beautiful commonalities, it doesn't take years to love, just moments. I agree with Beaver, you have a wonderful spirit and you are filled with love ... positive energy attracts positive energy. Remember, everything comes in circles and you will see them sooner then you think.

  3. Thanks guys. I can't tell you what your compliments mean to me.

    My mom said she'd see how much her year end bonus would be and maybe we could go for my birthday/spring break. I guess I should take my own advice/post/song and realize that I'll never loose them, it's just a temporary seperation.