Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Okay, here's a rampage that I've been on more than once and the fact that I'm on it AGAIN is more than aggravating. I'm lucky enough to have been hand selected for a very prestigious and generous scholarship. Although my expenses are supposed to be taken care of by the school with little to no effort by me, in actuality it's a CONSTANT battle. Throughout this I'll be speaking of two people Dianne who is in charge of the scholarship and transferring the scholarship money to the FAU foundation, and Stacey who is in charge of financial aid and making sure money in the foundation is transferred to their earmarked accounts. While Dianne is generally on top of things, Stacey I've found to be about as intelligent as my cat (which borders on insulting my cat). The process goes that I register for classes, Dianne checks out account balances, transfers that much money from the scholarship fund to the foundation with our names on it. From there, someone, presumably Stacey has to apply the money to our accounts. Because of all the problems with the process, we are now supposed to go tell Stacey how much money will be transferred in our names. I find this ridiculous since the amount and our names are intertwined in the system. We have an online account system that lets us access our student accounts, i.e. class schedules, account balances, holds. The system also lets us see when money has been transferred to the foundation in our names, but not applied to out accounts yet.

Well, this summer I had about $700 worth of credits to be paid for. I contacted the appropriate people and figured everything was underway. Now I come to find that my classes, indeed, were not paid for although the money was transferred in my name. Because of this I have holds on my account...including a registration hold. This is not good as I have one last class I need to register for.
Stacey is insisting that the money has been paid and I don't have any holds. Which is clearly not the case. Instead of investigating what I'm saying and fixing the f*ing problem, she decides it's just best to argue with me. She's pissed because after nothing got done following a round of e-mails I called Dianne to find out what was going on. Dianne in turn called Stacey and probably wasn't too nice since Dianne transferred the money back in June. GRRR so now I'm the bad guy who still doesn't have her money!

Honestly, how hard could this all possibly be?


  1. Cats are brilliant beings (possibly superior), don't insult them.

    Accounting clerks, however, are often members of an inferior sub-species of the monkey family.

    Petty bureaucrats who are jealous of students getting superior education and overcompensate by acting like they're on top of things.

    My sympathies. You have yet a long way to go.

  2. Sorry about the cat comment. You are right. Insulting them was wrong. It was a heat of the moment thing.

    Yes, yes, I do have a few more fights within this department alone before encountering all the rest of the morons the world has to dish out.

    Thanks as always for your comments (and adding my link--such honor). They really do keep me going!