Sunday, August 21, 2005


::tear:: I just said good-bye to my mommy.

I'm back at school, getting settled in. You know, after four years of setting up very similarly structured/equipped rooms, it gets remarkably quicker. This year I had all the boxes empty and was basically done about two hours after the last bit of stuff made it into my room. The walls are still blank, but as for the bed and the nick knacks and clothes and such...all is in it's place. The new flat panel monitor my mom snagged from her work's charity sale makes life SO much better. My mom drove over with me (and a car load of my stuff). After lots of moving, unpacking, and two nights in a hotel, she's back on the road heading home. I'm so sad. It's so hard saying good-bye, especially knowing how much quieter the house will be for her, alone. But, life goes on and as soon as I start freaking out about my work load tomorrow morning, I'll be just fine. I'm just exhausted from being so excited that I couldn't sleep the days leading up to the move, then working so hard for two days (packing then unpacking) in the FL heat.

Classes, thesis, grad school applications.....oy!! Here we go again!! Good luck to all those getting back to the grind stone!!

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  1. Back on the saddle, huh ?

    I miss 1st days of school.

    Even at university, coming back after summer break, I had that tingly feeling in my tummy that maybe this was the start of something new and exciting !

    I envy you... Make the most of it !