Sunday, August 28, 2005

Book for a rainy day

I just finished reading Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward. The book was written in 1888. It proposed to write a futuristic tale of the nation/world in the year 2000. Perhaps a better summary of it's actual affects is to describe the deplorable state the world was in that year. The utopia in which the protagonist finds himself is just that. However, in the year 2005, we have fallen wholly short of this proposed utopia. Rather, our land is ravaged by the same problems, if not worsened by time, as it was that pathetic day Bellamy sat down to write. Funny how someone condemning society over a century ago can effectively condemn our own.

I'd highly recommend this book to just about anyone. It's a relatively quick read, and unless you're buying it in the school bookstore, relatively inexpensive as well. Happy Reading!

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  1. My daughter suggested I read this book ... now I know I got to get it. Thanks!