Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Power is GOOD!!!

So Wilma rolled on up in here starting in the middle of Sunday night, packing a cat 3 punch. It was pretty nasty and totally exciting at the same time. I didn't get much sleep due to the anticipation and loud rain outside. I got up around 7 and turned on the TV (and returned it on through the various brown outs) and got out some homework reading. I watched TV and read and watched the storm until there were only two of the three options left. The power disappeared somewhere between 8-10 (I lost track of time).

Around 10-10:30 the eye came over us. Nothing terribly exciting, we didn't get the eerie calm. The wind slowed down and rain got very light. Then we were in it for round two. The wind was worse during the second half, but there was much less rain. There are about 50 of us or so still on campus and we meet in various common areas of our respective buildings (we weren't allowed to leave the buildings for obvious reasons) to watch things. It was pretty much done by around 1 or 2 and everything was completely done by about 4.

They opened the dining hall to feed us cold cuts for about an hour, but I opted out (they buy the lowest quality meat and it's SO nasty). The dorms were so quiet and so loud all at the same time with nothing on and nothing to drown out noise. I have a professor who lives very nearby and she had offered up her house to us prior to the storm. Sleeping in an eerie, non-powered bedroom (with windows that don't open, hence very stagnant, ever warmer air) didn't really appeal to me so I went to her place for the night. It was interesting driving the less-than-one mile to her house. This area is very new so there are lots of trees without root systems. Lots of them wound up in the street, along with street lights, traffic signals, power lines, and who knows what else.

I just got back and found that we indeed have power now (I'm told it came back between 11:00 and midnight). It's VERY chilly outside. I'd say cold, but then I'd get laughed at. AOL is telling me it's about 54 F. One of my friends is having some trouble. She's a bit on edge. I might wind up taking her home to Kissimmee (Disney area) today and spending some time at home. I originally opted to stay here so I could get work done, but I think she might need to go home and doesn't have a way to get there.
So that's were everything is. My cell phone is working, when it wants to. My room phone is working now that we have power (cordless), but I don't have an answering machine. I'll try to keep in contact as much as I can, but no need to worry about me!! I'm doing just fine!

(I took a bunch of pictures, but I'm not cool enough for a digital camera, so I'll try to get those developed and on a CD so I can post some of them).

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