Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I'm sorry

Dearest Joseph,

I can't tell you how much it pains me to write this and the words aren't coming very easily. Since we've both had trouble making up our minds, I'm going to make one decision for us both. This isn't working and it's got to end. I need to focus on my school work; you need to focus on your new interest. You're not being fair to her or me by keeping us both in the middle. She deserves better than to be continually left hanging. Our love was too strong and went on for too long to try to be friends. It was easy to love you, it was easy to hate you, but it's killing me being your friend. I love you too much to be merely your friend. However, we both know that a relationship won't work either; it didn't work before, we're too different, neither one wants it, and we're at different places in life. There's too much history and passion between us. It's got to be all or nothing...since all doesn't work, I guess we're left with nothing. Please understand that I'm not blaming you. I'm just as guilty. What happened at the beginning of August toyed with us both. I can't tell you how similar I feel now to how I felt three years ago. You kept me on the side while you were with her and now you're doing the same, and I'm letting it happen, again. I can't do this. I love you, Joseph. I always have, and I always will, but now's the time to let go, again. I'm sorry, goodbye.



  1. hugs to you. breakups are never easy, are they?

  2. All good wishes and blessings as you walk through this issue, and make it to the other side, stronger, I believe.

  3. Hey Tina! I have saw your comments on Thomcats and a couple other blogs and I thought I would check your blog out .I wish you luck with your current situation . I am going to link you on my blog if that is okay , if not let me know and I will remove it ! :)

  4. Hugs - I think would do us both a world of good!!