Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Interesing Voicemails

In preparation for the storm, I left the following message on my voicemail: "Hey guys, this is Tina checking in from Hurricane Alley! If you're getting this message it probably means I don't have cell service. You can try my land line ###-###-####, but it's a cordless so if we don't have power that won't work. Your best bet is to just leave me a message and I'll try to get back to you whenever I can. Thanks!! Bye!"

Interesting responses:

Vanessa (a friend who lives about 20 minutes South of me--well within impact zone): "I guess you don't have service or power. I'm really worried about you, please call me right away!!" This was supplemented by two text messages saying about the same thing (different wording each time so I know she sent it twice on purpose) and one asking how I was holding up. Perhaps I'm just a synic, but how can I call you if you can't call me and how am I supposed to get your text messages if I can't get your phone calls??

Lisa (friend, somewhere on the other coast of FL, I think, who really knows): "Hurricane Allie?? I thought it was Hurricane Wilma!! What's going on?!?!? Please call me I'm so worried about you." D'oh!


  1. LOL! "hurricane allie, what about wilma" oh how funny ! This one sounds like my genius daughter that has no common sense ! :)

  2. LMAO@ hurricaine Allie.......is your friend blonde by any chance?

  3. LMAO!!! They care about you that's what counts!!

  4. At least you are being amused, can't ask for too much more. But Allie ... who's that?

  5. My phoe broke up it sounded like allie.... So im a little retarded i still love the same. Yes it was your crazy friend back from the looney bin again. Ok so it wasnt the looney bin this time it was my own little retarded disappearing act. Looking forward to catching up with you.