Saturday, October 08, 2005

Cool as shiznit!!!!

So I've spent the whole day locked in my room being very productive and a good little senior thesis writting girl. I came across a place in my notes where I'd listed books from another university that I'd wanted to get through interlibrary loan. One of those books I really wanted to own myself. The only problem is that it was written by a Panamanian and published by a Panamanian press. Apparently it's next to impossible to get books from Latin American countries that aren't published in the United States. I got online and started searching and searching. I finally found a site that listed several books by this author and gave an e-mail link to contact if you wanted to purchase the books. Thinking nothing of it, I sent an e-mail expressing my interest in buying this specific book. I wasn't sure if I'd even get a response. Well, after all my hard work I rewarded myself with a dinner out with a friend, topped off with icecream (I feel sick, in that good way). So I come back to an e-mail from the AUTHOR of the book. He lists off a few stores where I might aquire this book if I lived in Panama. However, I very much do not live in Panama...I hadn't read far enough. He also said if I lived outside of Panama, to give him my address and he'd find out how much it would cost to mail it to me. SCORE!!! I e-mailed him back explaining a bit of my interest and why I wanted a copy of his book so badly and included my mailing address. He e-mailed me back to say that it would cost $20 to send it and to either mail him a money order or cash wrapped up. How cool is that?!?!? So now I'm going to get an awesome book from the author himself. ROCK!!

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  1. as a libarian wanna-be that is awesome! i am very excited for you! i once wanted to photocopy a book to give a copy to some ppl since it was out of print and coudl nto be purchased. i contacted the publisher , who put me onto the author who said i could either secure the books form some warehouse in the philipines or i could go ahead and photocopy and please send a donation to a particular group that made books available to the needy, we did the doantion and the photocopying.