Friday, October 21, 2005

Hurricane Weekend

Whoo Hoo!! Long weekend!!

My school has finally decided to make a decision. They’ve cancelled Monday classes and closed the university Sunday and Monday, but we’re not going on total lockdown. Meaning, the dorms are open to residents ONLY and all other buildings will be closed.

All the upper-classmen are hitting the store to stock up on…er….necessities (of the alcoholic persuasion) and preparing to hunker down. The under-classmen are scattering like cockroaches in the light. Me, I’m stoked to have the whole weekend to myself, two of my roommates went home and the other one is pretty quiet and tends to occupy herself with her local friends off campus. I went to the store, amazing wasn’t a mad house, and bought milk, juice, and crackers. All predictions have put this storm exiting the state right over our city (National Hurricane Center & Hurricane Alley & Local News). The timing and strength has fluctuated quite a bit, though.

Like I said, I’m prepared to ride this thing out. I’m going to curl up with my blankie, GRE prep book, a cup of grape juice, and some Triscuits!! I’m hard core, let me tell ya! I sincerely hope the eye passes over us. It shouldn’t be strong enough to cause that much damage (besides I live in the ritziest part of the state—if I wasn’t in the dorms I’d never be able to live here, barely can even with that precaution). I just think it will be cool to experience the calm, blue skies of the eye in the middle of the storm. I’ve been through enough on the edges; I want the full thing this time ;) Yes, I know I’m asking for it, but hey, after a million anticlimactic storms can’t I wish for a little excitement to accompany all the panic?

I hope everyone has a terrific weekend! I’m going to get back to the studying and enjoying my hurricane weekend!

The concrete building I call home
after a few hurricanes last year.

The street I actually live on,
at home after Jeanne, as a cat 1

P.S. Are there any other regular readers that I haven't gotten in my link list?? I tried to finally update it and now I can't figure out if I included all my normal haunts :/


  1. good luck to you Cricketina! I wanted to come over and thank you for your comment on my post about my "Mountain Top Experience". It really means alot to me to know that someone out there in blogland knows what I am feeling ! Peace be with you ! :)

  2. I would be stoked too if there was a huge storm coming my way and I got out of class for it! PARTY TIME!

  3. Austin--I'll be just fine locked inside the building. It's the other's I'm worried about. Cabin Fever is pretty contagious and Dorms are great for spreading diseases!!

    Armaedes--Well, it's not exactly a huge storm, at least not by the time it hits here. The Hurricane Day thing has become pretty routine around here. FL's equivalent of Snow Days. We've had quite a few bizarre snake stories making the news's to hoping I don't run into something like you had!

  4. Glad to see you about and that you feel pretty good about riding out the storm. You are so cute with the grape juice and triscuits - staples at my house! Take care of yourself and be careful. Check in if you get lonely, scared or bored!

  5. Wow! I hope you enjoy the storm, but please be careful. Stay away from windows!

    Glad you are getting your school work done --- have a good weekend, and stay out of trouble .. (smiling)

  6. be safe , hon! gald you and your pals liked the dictator line. for 5 easy payments of $39.95 youcan own the whole line. just send me yoru credt card numbers:P hehehe

    be careful.. will be anxioius to hear from you when it's over

  7. Thanks for the well wishes. I'm sure everything will be just fine.

    LP-- our windows are double paned, hurricane proof, shatter proof, fire proof, and don't open. I'm more worried about water living on the first floor than ANYTHING making it through these windows!!

    Lime--Keep your money, I've got grad apps to pay for ;)