Sunday, October 23, 2005

Long weekend getting longer!!!

Well, I just found out that my long weekend will now extend into Tuesday. So much time to be productive!! Although, I still can't rationalize why they did that. The storm should be out of the area by late Monday evening. But hey, no complaining here!!

I just need to say how BEAUTIFUL it has been here, with the exception of Friday. Even then, it wasn't really nasty, just some on and off rain. Saturday was gorgeous. On my way to breakfast/lunch with some friends, we passed a family on their bikes, out for a mid-day ride. Today was sunny and bright as well. The winds were up a little, but it was hard to tell if that was just normal "autumn" breezes or hurricane induced winds. I saw one light shower that lasted all of five minutes earlier today, but nothing really so far. The forecast STILL has it going directly over us. We're supposed to have a building meeting later tonight to go over worse-case-scenarios (I think). One of my favorite professors offered me her one of her spare rooms at their place if things get yucky here. I've worked with both her and her husband last year and this year and her kids are terrific. So, if we loose power or water or something comes flying through my impossible glass, I skip on over to her place (which is at max a mile from here).

So, life goes on as normal around here. Went to church, then sang in the Latin choir, came home, did some homework, cleaned my room, did my laundry (wow, didn't realize I hadn't done it in so long), and now I'm about to get back to doing some grad school stuff. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!! Have fun at work tomorrow and Tuesday--he he *snicker, snicker*


  1. Hopefully Ms. Wilma will be out of your way before much longer. Just be careful and stay safe!:)

  2. glad all is well so far and youhave an offer of safe haven if needed. hoping wilma is a minor blip rather than a big mess

  3. word veri: qxlwauqui, wasn't that some indigenous group in mexico?

  4. I am so very happy you are safe and sound little one ... but I am so damn sick of these storms! Flordia must have the worst luck in the world, or it could be being the boot is not easy, someone or something is always trying to yank it off.