Saturday, October 22, 2005

Grad School Freak Out

Okay, so I decided to take part of this weekend and clear away some of this looming application work.

I registered for the GRE, but since I waited too long, I can't take it until Nov 4 and I have to go home to do it even that early. Then I busted out the GRE prep book my friend gave me. I wasn't really all that worried about my verbal scores, all I do is read and write. However, it has been 2-3 years since I've even so much as touched my calculator other than to balance my check book. So the math portion was worrying me a bit. So I start with the first practice test. I completely screwed up the instructions for the verbal and bombed that section. I did equally as poorly on the math, but I expected that...just needed to get those particular cogs going again. Well, I realized my instruction mistake and went through each problem and read the solutions and explanations anyway. I was still raring to go, so I decided to take another practice test. Well, this time I knew what the instructions were and I was fairly confident that my score would sky rocket. No such luck. I got the same terrible score!!! My math score shot way up, though. Now explain this one to me, please!! I'm absolutely baffeled! I figured I was just worse off than I expected and started working on the extra verbal activities provided. Well, I was doing 90% or better on all those activities. I just don't get it.

So then I decided to turn my attention to my applications. I found that two of the applications I want, I still don't have. I tried e-mailing the person listed on one site for a packet, but the e-mail bounced. Terrific. The other site I tried filling out the online form (again) and (again) it wouldn't process. I found another address for someone at the first school and e-mailed him. Then I found an address for someone at school two and e-mailed him. Meanwhile, I still had a couple of packets that I wanted to take a closer look at. Last night I submitted the electronic portion of my #1 choice and filled out all the supplemental materials. I just have one more essay to write for that one. Talk about nerve racking and exciting all in the same ragged breath. So then I looked at the other applications. One of my other top choices requires quite a bit more than I've done. That school is near my northern relatives, so if all else fails, I could do non-degree seeking work while living with one of them and get residency there. Then re-apply. That actually wouldn't be a terrible idea. Except hanging around for a year, blah. Another school has really turned me off, so I threw that application to the side. Finally I filled out one more application. It's not one of my top choices, but if I might wind up sending it in anyway. Each one of these things is $50 a pop to so much as submit. No refunds for getting shot down.

I feel good, sorta. I little more at ease and a little more stressed out. I've got to figure out this verbal thing and work on entrance essays and personal statements and ... Still hanging out, waiting to see what Miss Wilma's going to bring while watching TS Alpha! It should be intersting to see if that one stays its course. I wonder what colliding hurricanes does....

Anyway, I've got degree audit paper work to fill out so I can get on up out of this joint in May! Hope everyone's staying safe and having fun!


  1. Hey Tina ! Looks like you're at crossroads, in a way...

    Not a bad thing per say, you know. I've been at crossroads before, and though it can be a scary place, it can also take you to unexpected places !

    If you do end up with a year to fill, why not consider a fellowship ?

    Take care !


  2. Good luck on getting everything worked out! I am also still wishing you luck with Miss Wilma! :)

  3. Don't let the GRE scare you. Most schools won't accept/reject you based on your score.

    Practice the exam without scoring it. You just need to get used to the wording of the questions and the thought process that goes into them.

    Stay safe as the storm goes past you!