Tuesday, October 25, 2005

More Updates

They're talking about evacuating us now. Boca (our main campus) has no water, electricity, phones, cable (not sure how they know that without power), internet. They were "shelter shopping" this morning, trying to find a place for all the residents to go. We may be out of classes the rest of the week. Our food supply here is rather insufficient even though there aren't many of us here. They're hoping for a shipment, but some of the roads aren't very safe and they're limiting traffic in some areas. The other buildings on campus don't have power, so they aren't certain if we'll maintain power.

They're meeting at 10am (now) to discuss what to do. We should know before 1 what's going on.

So more waiting games. But again, I've got a food stash, 3/4 tank of gas, plenty to do, so I'm really not worried about anything. I'm just fine here!! Promise!


  1. All you really need is triscuits, grape juice and a flashlight!

  2. Gee whiz, I thought the hard part was over. By all means get out of there if you have too. Yes, I am worried, but then again I am old too.