Tuesday, October 18, 2005

No really, enough's enough

I'm fervently working on my thesis like a good little girl and catching up. My stress level is still relatively high, but I'm working on putting it in His hands and letting go. I'm doing better...

Now this! I don't have the $50 it's going to cost to evac. Besides, most of our gas stations are out of gas anyway. We've been having a problem with that lately. I wonder what they're going to do now that they're out of names. Go AWAY, Wilma!!!


  1. please be safe crick, praying for you to that end

  2. Take care of your self & be safe!

  3. Thanks ladies! If you look at the state of FL, on the west coast there's a little penisula that hangs off about mid-state, that's Pinellas county, where my mom/I live. Now if you take a look at the big blue dot towards the bottom of the state, about 1/3 down the dot/lake and all the way to the east coast, that's where I go to school.

    While emanate danger and pending doom are barreling our way, the university is making no announcements about its plans. I've got a tank full of gas and a laundry basket full of clothes. I'm just going to assume I'll leave for the weekend. Traffic might be rough heading north, but the majority of the trip is west, so I don't expect that much trouble. It's easier to have that plan and deviate from it as needed than sit and wait to be told whether or not I'm going to have to leave.

    Papers and homework are calling my name.

  4. Hope you are safe Tina .. I was wondering if you would get out of there. Be safe dear one!