Wednesday, June 01, 2005

It's really happening!!

I got my paperwork in the mail today, detailing my host family and other students going on my study abroad program. I can't explain how excited I am. Been planning this trip since November and now everything is in place and I leave in less than two weeks. Five weeks in the heart of Latin America, far away from everyday life and everyday troubles.

That's about all my news for today. I was a loaf and did a whole lot of nothing!! I pointed to where the sprinkler guy need to fix the sprinklers...that's something, right?? Yeah, I wasn't buying it either.

Tomorrow, the icky dentist, maybe the chiropractor, and picking up VANESSA! Yay!! Fun weekend awaits!!


  1. Hey, why does your advice always sound so great? Sometimes you make way to much sense, but i could say the same thing about me. (yeah right.) Your going to have so much fun. And the fun of the weekend is something i look forward to. The sprinkler does count.

  2. Why, again do you make so much sense? It's truely amazing. i know ill find some one new and YOU are right finding some one to lean on and who leans on you is amazing. Still stoked about this weekend.