Thursday, June 09, 2005


I could pretend I have something to write, but I really just don't. I thought about my day, the ups and downs and frustrations, but... Maybe I'm just too tired or too apathetic or something.

Oh! There is one thing. As much as we all may complain about the tiny Jupiter campus, upon wandering aimlessly across the UF campus (a few times) I decided our one parking lot, one side walk, and well labled buildings aren't all that bad.

I can't believe I'm leaving the country in two days. Whoa! But just in case you were wondering, they speak Spanish in the Dominican Republic, not Mexican.

Maybe ya'll will have something better to say than me. Leave it!


  1. Did i really say they speak mexican? If i did im not surprised, because im just alittle retarded. You are going to have such fun. Maybe their camps will be more like Jupiter. Only in Spanish. Good luck.

  2. No, silly, you didn't...Dr. Remmel did.