Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I'm going to apologize up front. I'm pissed and angry and hurt and upset and shaking and trying not to cry. So this is going to be a bitch-fest!!

I could pretend to mask the identities, but why bother. If you know who they are, you'll figure it out and if you don't know who they are, it doesn't matter if I use their names anyway.

So Jensen and Shell are getting married or something. Shell hates me with a passion...occasionally. I don't exactly know how to predict when she will or won't hate me, but it is fairly random as far as I can tell. Jensen on the other hand, appears to still be at least mildly attracted to me. (The "still" refers to the two weeks we pseudo dated our freshman year of college.) Jensen turns into a completely different person when Shell's around and it's not for the better. He's overly involved with her and claims he's in love. The sappy bastard cries every night in London because she's so far away. Not that she's all that close when he's in the states, anyway, but... Shell won't let Jensen talk to me, as much as she can help it and doesn't hid her disgust for me from anyone. Still, I don't know what I ever did to her. We were friends and stuff, then one day she just snapped. Whatever. But I am good friends with Jensen. I love him like a brother. I want only the best in life for him.

So apparently Jensen's family hates Shell. Not a good way to start a future together, but that's none of my business. Anyway, she finds it appropriate to put mean stuff in her AIM profile about them and to start an online journal to bash them publicly. Apparently someone left an anonymous comment to one of her rantings and they think it was me. I'm neither accepting the blame nor denying the charges. But they're all upset about something that isn't even posted on her journal. So she thinks she can out smart me and get on under his screen name and pretend to be him. Too bad she doesn't talk like him or even bother to set the template like he does. I got bored/annoyed with the harassment and closed out the box hoping my lack of response would get her to leave me alone. Nope, she had to keep pushing. So I saved the last part of the conversation to show him. Too bad that last part had nothing incriminating in it. She's insisting she told me it was her. Which she did NOT. I'm not into playing games and if you want to throw public temper tantrum, expect responses, positive or negative. If someone decides to leave a comment about my temper tantrum that I'm currently throwing, feel free! I deserve it for acting like a baby (which I fully admit to). Anyway, Jensen took her side and chose to believe I was lying and not her. Noble, but still sucks. You can't keep believing everyone else is lying she's the only one telling the truth.

Okay, my phone rang in the middle of this and I talked to an old friend for an hour. So I'm quite a bit more calm. I'm still really hurt, but I suppose I'll deal with it when I get back from the Dominican Republic. It just hurts me so much!


  1. whos jensen? :)~

  2. My lord, fortunately we talked since this. As i said before, i beleive it is time to distance yourself. JUst sa when my sister fell in love and got married she ripped my little siter in two, i dont talk to her for more than one reason and she is know as a b***** amongst all her friends there comes a point when it is time to wash your hands and come to peace whith peoples' idiocies. Although you love him the pain in this case isnt worth it.

  3. Hmmm...it seems that there are 2 solutions to this problem

    1. a drive-by ice creaming of the offending parties and/or there property (i prefer McDonalds soft serve, but in your case you may want something to make more of an impact...fudge sundae perhaps)

    2. exposure of the rectum to the offending parties (this may also be done in drive-by fashion)

    that is all

  4. Ha ha, public temper tantrums appear to be the most entertaining to the general populous! NICE