Thursday, June 16, 2005

1st day of classes!!

So today was my first day of classes. I had a blast. My culture class is going to be fun and I have a lot of the background information. My lit class is going to breeze over the book that I took the last half of last fall and am going to take the first half of this fall. YAY!! Now that the biggest part of the drama is over, I'm doing well again.

So for the drama part. Yesterday we took our placement exams. Nearly half of the people here got placed in classes below what they thought they should be in--including me. I freaked when they told me I had to take intermediate. That would so not fly back home and I would probably loose my scholarship and have to take another year or so to complete all my requirements because I would literally FAIL my study abroad if I took intermediate. So, after a lot of tears and a lot of convincing, I finally got permission to enter the advanced classes. Apparently this is something this university NEVER EVER EVER does. I'm not supposed to talk about it, but it doesn't matter to anyone reading this. Plus, everyone basically knows anyway. Oh well.

Last night was "Papi's" birthday. It was so much fun. There were a bunch of family members there and I couldn't keep all the relations straight, but... I'm constantly getting teased about being the gringa. I take it in good stride though! They were talking with us and it was hard to tell when they were switching from Spanish to English. Jokes, wine, rum, cake, and some really good Mexican dish!

All the food here is TERRIFIC and everyone is always happy. It's really so much fun. I don't have classes tomorrow but I already have a ton of homework. We have a meeting to talk about our weekend trip, but that's about it.

Okay, others are waiting for the computer, so I'd better get off now!! Leave me messages--make me feel loved!

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  1. "Papi" thats so not american. Im glad your having so much fun.The drama was necessary so you would now how much fun you could have. Im glad we talked, ill give your mommy a call. Im glad the food is good. Is the rum better there?:)