Sunday, June 05, 2005

Some days are just harder than others...

My uncle just got married. The day after the wedding, his beautiful new bride looked a little down when she announced that she was in a "funk." We sympathetically gave her a hug and explained that the let down was normal; all the festivities were over, all the family heading home. My grandfather offered perhaps the best statement, "It is important to remember that after every 'high' there is a natural depression that follows." We were all feeling a bit of that "funk" because the weekend had been so wonderful and spectacular.

This past weekend was wonderful. A belated birthday celebration with wonderful friends, dancing, partying, pool fun, and even running into a beloved, long-lost friend. As we all get back to the normalcy of life, I think we're all feeling a bit of a let down. Which is normal. I have to remind myself as well as others. Lonely creeps into that let down. I miss being around everyone, all the people I love. Makes me miss a special someone so far away. The phone rang a few times today, each time the caller on the other end was a bit depressed. Everyone coming down off the high of the weekend; everyone feeling a bit down and assuming they are alone in their self-pity. We're all resting up, all getting ready for the mundane week ahead, and all wishing it could be Friday night, again.

This weekend was fun. I'm so glad we decided to re-play my birthday. More people came, and we did more. A night of dancing at Pleasure Island with drinks on my friends. Since we were worried about people drinking and driving, we all piled into one car. Poor Lisa, laying across our laps, hiding from the cops, pretending not to be the sixth person in a 5-passenger vehicle. Then, I cannot believe I just happened to walk right up to a kid I'd been searching for since I graduated high school. A bad address and a changed phone number distanced us. But there he was, just standing there, almost waiting for me to walk up to him. A big hug and screams of disbelief from both of us dumbfounded our friends. His "friend" was the funniest: "What are you doing hugging up all over this chick?" Yes, my dear friend who confessed his undying love for me on my answering machine when he was a mere freshman in high school is now out of the closet. Then it was off to Waffle House to get some food. So they fed us then put on a show...a new dude was training on the grill. Back at the house, we were all too wired to sleep. Finally at 5am we decided it was time for bed. A late morning was followed by chocolate chip pancakes at 3 and a pool party and pizza in the evening. Good times, good times.

Today, sleep and tending to my uber-cranked neck and shoulders and missing him. Hope all is well with ya'll!!

"It's the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter."
-Marlene Dietrich

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  1. I love you so much. Even if you use the word uber which i dont understand. Youare right the let down was bad and wish the fun of the weekend never ended. But an awesome time with great friends new and old is always wonderful. The pain of distance seems to sharpens when we have fun. Hand in there 6 days to the Dominican!