Wednesday, June 29, 2005


So last night I was still pissed off at Tracy for not being there when he told me to call Sunday night. After my class, I felt the overwhelming need to text message him. No response. I got home awhile later, and called. No response. Whatever, he can call me; he's the one making the big bucks; he's the one who know's I'm pissed; he can make the effort. So I went about my business and did some homework. I hadn't talked to Lisa in awhile, so I figured I'd call her. I really wanted to talk to her. I got my phone (since I don't know her number by heart) and my calling card (that I'd bought to call Tracy) and headed downstairs to the phone. I looked up her number and started following the instructions on the phone to place a call. When I got to the part where you have to dial the number you want to call, my fingers dialed Tracy's number and I never bothered to look at my phone for her number. There was something wrong. I knew it and I needed to talk to him. So the phone rang four times and my hand was poised, just about to hang up to avoid getting charged a minute just to hear the computer voice telling me I'd gotten his voicemail. Just as I was about to hang up, "Hello?" I was so glad to finally have him on the line, and apparently he was relieved to be talking to me as well. He started with trying to blow off the fact that he'd had a rough day, but his voice was telling me it was something more than rough. I could tell that I was going to have to ask the right questions to get the story out of him. Then he just blurts out that he's out of a job. WHAT?!?!? Apparently there was some huge misunderstanding between him and his boss. She felt it necessary to talk about it to all the employees in his group before discussing the situation with him. So, they talked and something and anger and stuff and he isn't working there anymore. Apparently neither are half the other people he used to work with because they were upset about the way he was treated. So what does this mean for him coming to FL? Who knows?? We'll see, but I couldn't believe that I finally talked to him (since I haven't been able to really get ahold of him since I've been out of the country) and he just drops a bomb on me. Sometimes I think I worry too much about other people, but then, there's so much going on with everyone in my life.

Take care everyone, you're all in my prayers!


  1. Ok babe it will be ok. Theres always Colorado. Plus hes a cardio guru. So just breathe. And we talked anyways. We both have that whole esp thing remember.

  2. I know chickadee!! I love you and can't wait to see you, again!!