Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I hate...

I guess I didn't sleep well or something, 'cause I'm kinda grumpy today--agitated is a good word for it, really. So here's just a whinny list of things I hate:

  • ex-boyfriends who continue to call even though it's been over a year since it's been over
  • pierced ears that try to close up after a few days without earrings (after being pierced for 13+ years)
  • lying awake all night thinking of all the things I wish I would have told him, but never got the courage to say
  • sitting by the phone, waiting for a friend to call to go do something—I'll be stood up again, I'm sure
  • waking up to find my finicky cat has puked and pooped on the carpet in the living room, damn thing gets cranky when the litter box is even slightly dirty
  • spilling purple grape juice all over me and the kitchen floor as my first task of the day
  • cranky thesis advisors with their heads up their asses—okay not fair to be plural, but it's for effect
  • having absolutely no money and no possibility of working this summer
  • being 2,000 miles away from him
  • his phone being broken
  • his work schedule
  • not being able to get comfortable in bed now that my back and neck are actually starting to do what they're supposed to
  • waking up more than once to find my entire left arm has fallen asleep (I guess my back isn't totally fixed)
  • stupid friends who ask your advice but don't want to hear it when it's given
  • stupid people who post online journals then get pissy when someone posts something on it
  • seeing the CMR portion of my buddy list hopelessly empty and knowing no one will be on until fall
  • and I REALLY despise when people completely disregard me—I said those things for a reason, not just to hear myself talk, contrary to popular belief

GRRR!!!!! Okay, I think I'm done, maybe.

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