Friday, November 11, 2005

YAY for flowers!!!

So, today around 3pm a special delivery showed up for me. My wonderful new beau sent me gorgeous flowers...just because!! They're beautiful!! It's no fair, him making me cry from the other side of the state. The card simply said, "You Rock!!! Kevin." He didn't know my address, so he asked my friend for it. She didn't have it either, so she called my mom and got it. I'm just dumbstruck by his sweetness!!! In case you can't really tell....I'm beaming from ear to ear, as I have been all afternoon!! I've never been sent flowers before!

I borrowed a friend's digital camera to get these shots. They aren't great, but then I don't really know how to use his really fancy camera.


  1. How sweet!!! They are such pretty flowers!! (Good job Kevin!) I'm catching beams from the smile up here in Mass!!!

  2. oh my god girl way to go. get more minutes so we can actually talk:)