Monday, November 28, 2005

::sigh:: back to the chaos

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving reprive, as I hope all did.

Kevin worked through lunch on Tues and Wed so that he would get off of work at the same time I got into town. It was SO nice to see him and get the hug I'd been waiting for. We hung out at my place while I took care of some chores (including FREE laundry facilities). Then my mom came home with groceries and we made dinner. It's so nice that he and my mom seem to be getting along so well. After dinner we scurried off to catch Harry Potter. I was impressed with this one. It was much easier to follow if you hadn't read the book (which I of course had, but it had been some time).

Thursday was turkey day. I wasn't paying attention when I was making the mashed potatoes and put entirely too much pepper in them. Oops! I had to make a bunch more potatoes and mix them with the grey, already cooked potatoes. They were still a bit strong, and plentiful to say the least. Oh well, I'll never make that mistake again. Dinner was crazy as ever and I realized I've grown further away from the "kids" my age. We have spent many Thanksgivings together and each year we're all a little bit more different. A few years ago, we graduated from the kids' table and I was excited to get to sit with "adults." This year, however, there was the little kids' table, the college kids' table, and the rest were in the formal dining room. I was a little offended by this and spent my dinner not talking as I had nothing to add to the immature antics being discussed. But, it was enjoyable still the same. I love that family and it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without them, but it was nice to have a QUIET escape awaiting me. I had my friend take me over to Kevin's house for the onslaught of introductions.

I was rather nervous as we approached, hoping that I would make a good impression. He answered the door and the first face I saw was his niece I'd met previously. Her face lit up and I realized I left the picture I'd promised her in my mom's car, which was at my friend's house. She didn't seem to mind; she was just glad I was there. The rest of his family said their hellos, but not much else. I chalked it up to the mellow that follows dinner and the kids getting more rambunctious as the event lengthened. Kevin was a little upset that his family hadn't been more welcoming. I just hope it was because they were tired and not because of me. I worked really hard at paying attention to who was talking to whom and using what names and who belonged to whom and so forth. I think I have it down, but with different clothes on, in a different situation, who knows.

Thursday night we were planning that Kevin and I would take a nap before trucking out to Best Buy to get in line for a computer. My mom doesn't have a computer at home and they were adveristing one for $150 instantly. However, after seeing OUR Best Buy grace the 11 O'clock news with a formidable line already in place, we dashed out to get in line. There were some kids a few years younger than me in line in front of us. They brought their 19" TV and portable DVD player and set up. We watched War of the Worlds and a couple episodes of the Simpsons, made a few runs to the 24 hour CVS in the same plaza, and did a lot of talking. The time passed rather quickly and around 4:30am they passed out the vouchers for the computers. We BARELY got one of the last ones. My mom was so excited. The computer is really nice and she's happy, so that's all that matters. Then Kevin and I ran to Wal-mart before going back to his place to take a much deserved nap.

Then it was off to see RENT with a friend from high school. I was thoroughly impressed with the film version. It's not easy to capture the essence of a Broadway musical on film, but I think they did a pretty good job. I'm pretty sure Jonathon Larson would be pleased. It's funny how my friend and I used to be BEST FRIENDS all through middle and high school. We've stayed in contact through college, but as we're both finishing....we've grown so different. Kinda sad. But, we had a good time.

Friday night Kevin came over for dinner again and we watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas (which I'd purchased for $5 at Best Buy that morning) and set up my mom's new computer. We had a nice, chill evening as we were all VERY tired.

Saturday was Kevin's birthday!! We went out to breakfast, then to a lake to feed the duckies.

Then we rented Ladder 49 as Kevin has been talking about persuing a career in firefighting. It was a really good movie, but REALLY sad. I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't know any firefighters or anyone who wants to be one. I would not recommend it to anyone who cares about someone in the business. After it was over we were cuddling and Kevin felt the need to inform me that he was not crying. Rather, his eyes were merely watery. I'm not ashamed, I was crying.

The movie ran a bit longer than I had anticipated and we scurried to change and head to the beach for the sunset. I took him to my favorite beach, Sunset Point. There's a picture of us together on my camera, but it's that old film thing, so I'll have to wait to post it.

What FL in Nov looks like

Then we went to dinner at Maggiano's, a nice Italian restruant. He loves Italian food and I was banking on him never having been to this place. As we got closer, he thought he'd figured out where we were going to eat because I've been saying that I want to take him to PF Changs
(where I used to work) and there's a Changs right next to Maggianos. He loved it!!

The whole day was terrific!! "The best birthday ever" to be exact.

Now it's a week of pure hell, a day or two of rest, two exams, a final presentation, then home. Forgive me if I'm not around much for a spell. Hope everyone's week goes well!!


  1. i'm glad you had a pleasant holiday ... mine was busy but good too!

    now, get back to work !

  2. Glad you had a good holiday weekend ! MMMMM the italian sounds great . I wish you the best this week! :)

  3. Glad your holiday was good! I hear you on a hellish week to deal with now though.

  4. I'm so happy your Thanksgiving break went so well!! Good luck with your week from hell. I so don't miss school!