Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Well, this intense week is finally over. I'm certain they're hell bent on killing us before the end of this semester.

I joined my church this past Saturday. I was pretty excited and proud. I've never actually been a member of a church before. My mom and my brother were very proud of me and Kevin was glad I was so happy.

The three days that followed that were a nightmare. Assignments due, no time, nothing going right, STRESS out the wazoo!!!

Last night I could feel the excitement of the mini break set in as I e-mailed my last assignment due before the break to my professor. I couldn't sleep. I think I fell asleep well past 1am, waking up at least 3 times before 4:30am. After 4:30 I was awake. I stayed in bed thinking I would go back to sleep, no such luck. I have to go to one class this morning, then I hit the road. I'm heading home to see my mom and the wonderful man I have the pleasure of calling mine. I had planned on getting to his house and hanging out with my best friend until he got home from work, today. However, I didn't tell him this plan. Instead, he opted out of taking a lunch yesterday and today so that he could leave 2 hours early today, getting out of work right about the time I'll roll into town.

We have a date tonight. Then Turkey day. I'll be spending it with my mom and the same friends of the family where we always spend the day. He'll be spending it with ALL of his family. At some point in the day, I'm supposed to make my way over to his place and meet the entire entourage at once. He's one of 6 children, plus all of their partners, a few children, two parents....I'm a wee bit nervous.

Friday my mom volunteered Kevin and I to sit out at Best Buy all night to get a computer for her--meaning we'll finally have one at home, again. Then we're going Christmas shopping together. The afternoon I'm going to see RENT with my best friend from high school. We always went to see the play together when it came into town, so it's only natural that we're seeing the movie together. Friday evening my mom, Kevin, and I are having a nice dinner so they can get to know each other.

Saturday is his birthday. Since I don't know if he'll check my blog between now and then, I'm going to have to leave out the details. I promise, my plans are awesome and it'll be a great day.

Sunday, dreadful Sunday. I'll be back for one more week and a half of pure and undeniable HELL. Yay!!!

Anyway, sorry I haven't been around much lately. I hope everyone has a terrific holiday, stay safe and eat lots of TURKEY!!!!


  1. have a happy thanksgiving , crick! you'll do fine meeting the 'rents;)

  2. Have a great time - enjoy every second!! Happy Thanksgiving sweetie!!!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving and have a wonderful weekend !

  4. I got to play catch up, because it's either a new man or the old one reworked that's making you happy in your choas!

    Hi Tina ... I am feeling so much better. Thought for a minute I would be on the other side smiling at ya, but I survived my survival!

    I see you are still running around like a chicken with her head cut off .. but you seem to be handling it, even the stress.

    I have missed reading you my dear friend ... glad you had a wonderful thanksgiving, so did I!