Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I'm Back!!!

Well, that long weekend turned into a week, then a week & a half, then two weeks. My computer at home decided to die in the middle of all of that and I had limited access to the library computers. I actually went one day to relate a lot of what I'm going to put here, but the browser screwed up as I was trying to post it and I lost a long post. I'll start with a few pictures of the campus post Wilma.

Branches from the tree on the other side of the building

The courtyard with debris everywhere and benches moved around

Poor, poor tree

So, like I said, I went home. The first night I was home my mom had dinner plans so I called up a friend of mine who I haven't been very "friendly" to lately. We never really talk unless I'm in town, but I haven't been in town much, so she was getting a tiny bit frustrated with me. Rightly so. I went to her house for dinner with her, her fiancé, and his brother. We made an urban bonfire and had a blast just sitting around and talking.

I have a pass to Busch Gardens and I had two free tickets, so I figured we could all chip in and buy an extra ticket. The four of us went the first Saturday I was home and just really had a great time. We're all pretty similar in the right ways and different enough to keep everyone laughing and entertained. After BG we made dinner, made a fire, carved pumpkins, and watched "Batman Begins." I reluctantly left their place at 2am.

Our pathetic pumpkin we lovingly named Der

Upon finding out that I had more time out of school, I realized I was going to be home for Halloween. I invited my little posse over for handing out candy and dinner. We all had a great time. The next night I had a birthday dinner to go to and I didn't really want to do alone. I asked my friend if she thought her future brother-in-law, Kevin, would want to go with me. She wasn't sure and asked his brother. I got an overwhelming, "Don't ask!" from the brother. However, Kevin and I were flirting more than ever and he was stalling when it was time for them to leave. I went out on a limb and asked him to come along anyway. After a couple Cheshire cat grins and minimal conversation, I had myself a date. I wasn't going to call it that, though; we were just friends going out to my friend's dinner. Still I couldn't help be a bit hopeful that the night would run smoothly and present and opportunity for future evenings together.

The evening turned into pick on Tina night, which was all in good fun and to be expected. We all laughed and had a TERRIFIC time. Kevin had said he didn't want to stay all that late, so I begged out around 10:30 knowing we had an hour drive home. Once we were about 15 minutes from home, I asked him if he wanted to just say goodnight or go for a walk. We detoured. We went for a walk around a local park. Now, there are about three paths, each one slightly longer than the one before. We took the longest route. Since we had gone out of town, I had driven. We finally headed back to his place, although neither one of us really wanted to. We pulled up and he took his seatbelt off and I reached for mine. Stupid, you're not getting out! You don't need to take your seatbelt off!! We gave each other timid looks and he bid a pathetic goodnight, hesitated, then leaned over for a kiss. OMG!!!!!! (in a good way) Keep in mind we pulled up to his house around 12:00. It was 2am before we finally said goodnight. We sat and talked and kissed and talked and just enjoyed each other's company.

Since I didn't have a whole lot of time left in town, we wasted no time in setting up another date. So, the next night we went out again. We were going to go bowling. But, the first place we went was small and had no lanes available. The second place was REALLY crowded, but apparently had lanes open. We both decided that many people didn't appeal to us. We went to dinner and decided to figure out something at that point. When we were done I suggested going to the beach. He'd never been to the beach at night!!! Hello, we live in FL minutes away from the beach and he'd never been at night?!?!? We walked and talked and watched the million birds that were out there (felt like we were in a Hitchcock film). It was INCREDIBLE!!! We got back to his place a bit earlier this time, around 10:30-11:00 I think. I didn't leave until 2am...same story.

The next night my friend wanted me to come over and hang out, all four of us. So, I figured, why not? We ate dinner, played Scattegories, watched TV and who knows what else. I had to take my GRE the next day, so I was determined to leave earlier. I made it home around 1am. Good thing my test was in the afternoon!!

Friday was my GRE, it went okay. Not spectacular, but not bad. I'm not happy, but okay with my scores. After my test I'd planned to take one of my friends who'd just turned 21 out for drinks. Why not bring along Kevin? So he came with us. When I stopped by his house to pick him up, he had a present waiting for me. Just because. I hugged my new Stitch stuffed animal, then realized I should probably hug the benefactor as well. After we went out, we wound up outside his house again...I left at 2am.

Us at Applebee's, taken with his camera phone, he likes this pic a lot more than I do

Since Saturday was my last day in town, he wanted to do something with me. We went to the aquarium and out to a late lunch. Then my friend really wanted to see Jarhead, so the four of us went to see it that evening. I promised to stop by and say good-bye on my way out of town, but that didn't keep me from staying until 2am again.

Sunday I stopped by to say good-bye and cried. I didn't expect to cry. He didn't seem all that excited to see me go, either. But, I had to. So after awhile, I left.

Now we're talking, a lot. I feel really guilty because I have to keep limiting when and how long we can talk because I'm so overly stressed, once again. Now that I'm back, we're all going crazy. We have 6 weeks of curriculum to cover and only 4 weeks left in the semester. All the professors are giving us out of class make-up assignments and papers and all sorts of craziness. But he's a great guy and seems to understand all I have to deal with. We're both pathetically missing each other, but as of today, it's only 2 weeks until I'm home for Thanksgiving and his birthday. Then I'll have a week and a half before I'm home for Christmas break.

The sweetie holding his niece so she wouldn't get too near the fire.

I probably won't be around much until then. I really shouldn't be on now. I have a paper due at 6:30 that isn't started. I should technically have a prospectus for a final project done by then, too...we'll see about that though. Anyway, hope everyone has a terrific day!!


  1. Great pics ! Sounds like you had a wonderful time . It is good to have you back ! :)

  2. So glad you are back!! Cool pictures and yay about the boy!! hehe

    I think that pic of the two of you is adorable!!! HUGS!!!