Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Soap Opera Continues

Here's a list of characters in this little episode:
Jennifer- friend of mine, friend of my ex's, mother of my god-daughter
Joe- ex, and may he forever stay that way
Trevares- friend of mine, co-worker of Joe's, someone who (in his words) I "got my tease on" with, someone who I talk to only a few times a year

Sunday I talked to Jennifer on my way back to school. She was talking about throwing a New Year's Eve party. I half jokingly informed her that if she was inviting me she'd also be inviting Kevin. She laughed and agreed. She asked if I was planning on stopping by her place on my way out of town, as she was expecting Joe to come over that afternoon. I wasn't so it wasn't an issue.

Last night (Monday), I got a phone call from Mr. Trevares. Mind you, I haven't talked to him since August, despite my attempts to call him. We don't really talk much. If we run into each other or if he commits the drunken dial we do, but otherwise, not really. So, he calls. The only thing he really wants to talk about is my new beau. Doesn't really care about much else, other than reminding me that I teased him and he still wants to finish what I supposedly started over a year ago (almost two now). "But, no really, what about your new boyfriend?"

Interesting that I haven't heard from him in months and the day after I talk to Jennifer and she sees Joe, Trevares' co-worker, he calls me up asking for information about this new dude.

I IMed Jennifer this morning and the conversation went something like this:
me: What did you tell Joe about Kevin?
Jen: yea....New Year's Eve party, remember?
Jen: I like your elk, he's cute (referring to my REINDEER buddy icon)
me: but what did you tell him about me and Kevin? and it's a reindeer
Jen: oh, lol, yeah I like your reindeer, he's cute
Jen: something else random that I ignored
Then I looked down and realized I was almost late for class and jetted off without another word. I called her after class to apologize for running off without saying anything, but she didn't answer her phone, real cute.

I'm really pissed that she's running her mouth and even more so because she's being so sketch about it. I mean really, if you weren't talking smack about me (and/or Kevin), why won't you tell me what you said. Now neither me nor Kevin want to go to this stupid party. I can't imagine why not.

I'm really over all this high school bullshit. I mean seriously, I'm the youngest of this whole group by several years and this is what I've got to put up with?!?!? Some friends I've got, huh?


  1. You might just be setting yourself up for that kind of stuff...it might because in a subconcious way you enjoy the drama. It might be that you don't like the drama, but then why is it that you consistently find yourself in these positions?

  2. Tina .. don't listen to anonymous ! People who are too coward to leave their names , the don't know nothing anyways ! :) Some people just don't know how to grow up and live life like an adult should . Actually your friend running her mouth reminds me of some of the twits my 8th grader goes to school with ! You have a good day ! :)

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Breazy. Don't worry about anonymous. She's less anonymous to me than to you. I actually had a good laugh at her comment.

    I'm trying to have a better day, but there's so much stress and it seems nothing is going quite as it should. Kevin has a countdown to when he gets to hug me again, so I just keep that in mind and keep plugging!!

  4. First - LMAO at "talking smack" - you are too cute!

    Second - you are so above this kind of childish behavior that it's funny these people would even pull it on you!

    You have a great attitude - keep it up!!

  5. Tricks are for kids and it looks like you have been hanging out with to many ....

    You enjoy Kevin and put the rest of that mess behind you. Friendship means loyalty ... and that's a two way street.

    I am glad to see you having some fun for a change.