Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Okay, so I've been rather non-existent. Life comes at you fast when you're trying to get stuff in order for graduation and the rest of your life.

My thesis is going well and I'm right on schedule to skate on out of here on May 5. Classes are going decent, they could be going better, if I could muster up enough strength to ward off my senioritis.

Grad school stuff is back in the waiting phase. The programs I originally applied to were more competitive than Med schools, and I wasn't completely qualified based on my undergraduate course work. So, now I switched gears to get into lower programs that will open different doors later. Essentially, instead of trying to make a huge leap, I'm taking smaller steps. It seems to be going well, but I'm waiting on feedback from a few schools. Things seem to be looking up. If all else fails, I'll stay home for a year and get a second BA in psychology. I'll eventually have a doctorate in psychology, just what type and how I get there may change.

Kevin is terrific, as always. He's finally coming to see me! My mother is coming on Thursday for the research presentation day here at the school and staying through Easter. Kevin's coming on Saturday, in time for Easter, and staying most of the coming week. He's on Spring Break and wanted to finally follow through on his promise to come visit me at school.

Before I know it, I'll be listening to Pomp and Circumstance (or whatever name variation you call it), sporting the whole cap and gown get up, and watching my mom cry and snap 3+ rolls of film.

Hope all is well with the rest of the world!!

Much love!


  1. Yeah you need all the luck that you can get

    I wish I was in Uni too