Tuesday, April 25, 2006


So my thesis may be done. I hope it's done. I think it's done. However, it is up to two fine women to determine the completeness of said work. I sincerely hope they agree with my assessment. If they don't, graduation is going to feel phony. Probably because it will be. You see, if I don't get a "you're finished, good job" back from my two amazing professors, I have to take an incomplete on my thesis credits and thereby delaying ACTUAL graduation until August. I will, however, still appear to be graduating. It's just all the technicalities that would be an issue.

Now, senioritis has REALLY kicked in. I have two papers and a final I must study for. All three of those are due Monday. However, I need to get one of those papers written ASAP since it was technically due yesterday and my prof was nice enough to recognize the conudrum I was in and allow an extension. And yet, I find myself posting instead of actually writing...hmmm...

Life is trying to return to normal in Ohio. My family (and I) have gone through such a wide range of emotions. None of us really know what to expect next. I'll try calling, soon, to see if there are any updates. Probably not, but it's nice to check in since I'm so far away.

Summer plans and grad school plans are still in limbo. Well, I'm pretty sure I'll be home for the summer, working anywhere that I can find that will offer me a position and good money. Part of my hesitation in figuring out a summer job is that I might wind up going to grad school at home, therefore, instead of looking for a summer gig, I'd be looking for something more long term. The implications of length change the venue of search. We'll see though. As for grad school, as previously mentioned, I have been accepted to Colorado Christian University. I've also applied to USF. The process seems to be going well at USF and I should be hearing something (either no or interview date) rather shortly. They always seem excited to talk to me and have been EXTREMELY helpful with the application process. Kevin's pushing for USF, but I'm trying to not let that influence my decision. Basically, CCU costs $20,000 more in tuition alone than USF. Add to that, for CCU I'd have to get an apt and pay living expenses and for USF I'd live at home. For two years, I think I could handle living at home again, though I am nervous about it. Honestly, with more schooling in store after this next step, saving a minimum of $20,000 + living expenses sounds more logical. Bonus, I'd get to work on my relationship with a wonderful man. Although, I did receive information about an opportunity to teach English in Spain for a year. While that wouldn't further my career goals, it would totally rock! So, who knows.

Now that the cloud of thesis is off my head (hopefully, permanently), I'm getting excited about the future. Add to it, I'm getting positive feedback from schools. After hitting rock bottom, it's so nice to ride the waves of improvement. Hope all is well for all of you as well! Much love!


  1. Congratulations !!!

    What next ?

    (too bad we missed each other in FL, but we'll catch up again sometime)



  2. i'm glad things are turning around for you. i'm very proud of you - remember - god is helping you through all of this to get you where you "need" or "are supposed to" be (see, i'm spiritual, i truly believe that). my hands are cold. anyway - i love you lots, (see you soon!) p.s. the day of your graduation is the day of my bacc, so we'll have to send each other good vibes. :)

  3. Beav--next is going home. From there I don't know where I'll be going to grad school.

    Erin-- God and I are having issues right now. I'm engaged in a rather petty and annoying fight with someone I called my best friend for a stint. She and I go to church together. Then there's all this uncertainty. It's been so long and I'm so tired of waiting to hear some good news. To top it off, my poor little cousin's getting a raw deal. It's hard to understand why God won't let my uncle protect her, why our family has been praying in what feels like vain. I'm trying so hard not to abandon hope, though it's not easy. I'm just so tired (of life) and stressed. I keep telling myself the next step will bring some light in, but it never seems to work that way.