Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Sometimes I wish I could just fix all the problems my loved ones are battling. I know I can't, but that doesn't ease the pain.

Once again, I am reaching out to my network of friends in family in the hopes of a miracle. Around 10:30 pm on Monday, my best friend attempted suicide. She was on the phone with a mutual friend who is currently living 1,000 miles away. He called me and I hopped in the car and sped over to her house. I sat with her as the paramedics examined her and took her mom to the hospital, trailing the ambulance. A stomach pump, some sleep, and 6 hours later she was released from the ER, but transferred to the psychiatric ward. I sat with her mom at the hospital until she was transferred. At that point we could no longer see or talk to her so after talking to a few more hospital employees, we decided we'd better get some rest. My friend has so much up against her. This is the second time this year she has attempted suicide, the second time she has been Baker Acted. The cards are really stacked against her and she's so lost and hurting. I ask for your prayers for her, her family, and for myself. She needs to heal; her family needs to heal and have strength to help her; and I need strength and comfort. We're all pretty weary at this point. So, if you could keep at least her in your prayers, I would greatly appreciate it.

Funny, I was as desperate as she is now at one point in my life. Yet, I'm still confused by her actions. I guess everyone else was confused by mine, then. I wish I could just get it through her abused little head that I love her as do many people in her life. I wish I could just hold her in my arms and make everything go away, although I know I can't. This is a battle she has to fight for herself. Perhaps I'll be able to hug her again this weekend during visiting hours. Until then, she'll rest in God's loving embrace.

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  1. Followed your comments from the Voice. It was well worth the trip. I see you not only have a heart of gold, but you have a wonderful and loving soul. My thoughts, prayers and good wishes goes out to you all. Last week my sister-in-law committed sucide, I know how you all must be feeling.

    Pain is horrible, the only cure I have found for it is to write and write and write until I can get pass it. If this doesn't work, I go on the internet and read about others pain and this simple act help me to get a handle on mines.

    You are right in your accessment, pain is something that each individual has to work through, but it helps when they have friends like you.

    Be well,