Sunday, July 31, 2005

Mindless 2am conversations. . .

Me: cat just sneezed on my mom

Me: I'm not sure why that's hysterical right now

Fake-Doug: haha, I think cats sneezing...hell, I think any animal sneezing is hilarious

Fake-Doug: I'd like to see a giraffe sneeze

Me: eeewwwww

Fake-Doug: how does that even work?

Me: they're all slobbery as it is

Fake-Doug: is a giraffe sneezing like a bee sting? it can only do it once or something?

Fake-Doug: it'd be the world’s biggest headbang

Fake-Doug: these are the things I wonder

Me: wow

Fake-Doug: I've never even thought about that before right now

Fake-Doug: I must find the answer

Me: lol, good luck with that

Me: "so what did you do Saturday night?"

"I pondered giraffe sneezes online with a guy-I-used-to-know's about you??"

Fake-Doug: that's the start of a good conversation right there

Fake-Doug: screw getting drunk and going out, I've got important learning to do

Me: "important"

Fake-Doug: I don't know where to go from that, I'll be honest, lol


Fake-Doug: I like your writing, fyi

Me: ::blushes::

Me: thanks, I guess

Me: my professors don't like it

Fake-Doug: I don't know them, but they suck

Fake-Doug: I can't back that up

Me: I'll be sure to tell them that

Me: as they're reading and signing off on my thesis

Fake-Doug: tell them, "Some guy named Fake-Doug likes my blog, so kiss my ass"

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