Tuesday, January 31, 2006

By popular demand...well, Jodes' demand

Sorry I haven't been around much. Life has picked up the pace quite a bit. A week ago today my thesis advisor basically told me I was going to finish my thesis and I wasn't going to graduate. After a couple of days of pity parties, my thesis advisor gave me rather encouraging compliments and informed me that her previous "lecture" was only meant to be an encourager to work harder and faster, not a complete discourager, which I took it as. She's always had to use a bit of tough love on me and she didn't realize she'd pushed too far until I shut down. Those two days could have quite possibly been the worse two days of my life since I moved out of my dad's house. I didn't eat, didn't sleep (much), didn't do any work. I just sat in a dark room and zoned. I had no idea what to do next. But, it's all good because I'm going to finish my thesis and Cinco de Mayo is going to be a kicking celebration (graduation date). She said I have a really unique thesis, very interdisciplinary, very well researched. She said she's really proud of me and wants me to continue so she can sign off on an excellent thesis. Besides, she loves my mom and wants to be able to see her at all the final festivities.

After all of that, I decided to take off for the weekend. I needed a jumpstart to get back into things. So, late Friday evening, I decided I was going home. I spent Friday night in Kevin's arms and it felt so good. Perhaps it's too much to share here, but it's really nice to be able to sleep with someone and just cuddle. He totally respects the no sex boundary I set. He understands and is satisfied with hugs, kisses, and cuddles. Saturday I was supposed to spend the day reading, but I spent it hanging out with my mom instead. It was nice to pass the day doing a little of this and that and not much of anything in particular. That evening Kevin and I were supposed to go see a friend of mine who was in town for his grandfather's funeral (from Maryland). Everything went to crap and that didn't happen. So, we hung out and went for icecream with his brother and my best friend (his brother's fiancee). Afterward my stomach hurt so bad!!! I don't know if it was the icecream, the fact that the icecream was my dinner, or the fact that my eating has been less than regular this past week. I wound up falling sleep during SNL. I didn't realize I was so tired and I jumped about three feet in the air when Kevin leaned over and took my glasses off my face. He tried to get me to tell him whether or not my mom was expecting me home. I fell asleep about 3 more times before we finally established she was and I text messaged her to let her know I wasn't.

Sunday my mom and a friend of the family and I went to Sea World. My ex gave us passes that expired today, so my mom wanted one last hurrah. The woman we took with us has been part of our "family" since I was about 9 months old. She hadn't been to Sea World in almost 20 years. We had a blast laughing and talking all day long. She jumped and screamed when the stingrays took the food from her hands and bounced up and down when she touched the dolphins we fed. It was neat to experience it through her "new" eyes. As the day drew to a close, we hopped into our separate cars, my mom and friend heading for home, me heading back to school. The drive was long and hard, but the day was fun.

Yesterday was spent doing odds and ends and a bit of homework. I'm SOO exhausted from my weekend excursion. Today I've spent the day working on my thesis--corrections, modifications, and addition of new material--and actually have gotten a few more pages added. Oh! I filed my taxes and I'm actually getting a meager return. I was worried that after working as a server for a few months that I'd be paying instead. It was a pleasant surprise before a lovely dinner out with a friend and the ever expensive trips to Target.

Again, sorry for the delay in posting. There might not be a whole lot going on around here for the next couple of months. Once my thesis is done, however, there will be an electronic archive, so I'll be sure to link that so you can see what I've been working on all these months. Sweet dreams and good day to all!


  1. we missed you
    we like your writing
    so com eon down to my site too

  2. what a great post!!! Thanks for sharing so much. I am very interested in your thesis now, I cannot wait to see what it is about. I cannot wait to go to sea world here, I will probably bust into tears if i get to feed dolphins, i think they are the most amazing creatures.

  3. Wow - you sure have a lot going on!!! Good to hear from you. Kevin seems really nice - so happy for you.

  4. it is so good to hear from you ! I was beginning to get worried about you . I can understand being busy as I have been neglecting my blog as of late . I wish you luck on your thesis !