Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Adventures in Babysitting

I haven't added much to this topic in awhile. My charge finally got used to my style and we came to an agreement. Well, then we had a month away from each other and lately we've had some reuniting pains. It's getting better though. This morning we had an interesting discourse that I'm sure you mom's will be able to appreciate.

Rebecca came storming out of the bathroom after she brushed her teeth "I am so mad at my mom"

"Why are you mad at her?"

"Because look (pointing to the space between her teeth, that has always been there), last night she brushed my teeth so hard she separated my teeth! Now there's a big space that wasn't there before! They were all bloody and now look! You can see what she did!"

I really couldn't help but laugh as I tried to convince her that her mother hadn't moved her teeth. She insisted that her mother had brushed SO HARD that her teeth had at least bled. I couldn't tell her it was because she never really brushed well and her gums were probably as soft as tissue paper. It was SOOO funny, but she did get a bit upset at my laughter. I really couldn't hold it back though.

Happy Hump Day!!!