Monday, February 27, 2006


my ex is: a horrible, pathetic baby and better off as my ex.

i lost my: honra to him.

maybe i should: work on my thesis.

i love: arms that encircle me and keep me safe.

i don't understand: why I care so damn much.

my boyfriend/girlfriend: will always be second to my girlfriends.

people say i: stress too much.

love is: a beautiful thing, if/when you find it.

somewhere: out there, beneath the pale moon sky.

i will always: strive.

forever: is a scary word.

i never want to: dissappoint anyone else.

when i wake up in the morning i: thank God for a new day but wish it was still night.

my past: is a scary place, but it made me who I am today.

i get annoyed when: people abandon me.

i wish: I could relax for just a few minutes.

nice: isn't an adjective for life right now, give me a week.

tomorrow: is already spent.

i really want to: finish my thesis and get into a good grad school.

i miss: Kevin's arms and an innocence in life I never knew.


  1. Keeping it "real", you GO girl. Interesting questions to ponder this sunny morning....hmmmmm. Hope your day is full of sunshine too!

  2. Sweetie ... I loved that!!

    I so love the way you think!!!

  3. Very open feelings... Chin up girl; things are gonna get easier.

  4. You always have great post ideas!

    Cheer up, there's always tomorrow!

  5. It's been a while - I hope you're ok !

    Take care,