Thursday, February 16, 2006

Please Pray

I'm reaching out, once again, to my network of friends and family for a little help with prayer. As some of you know, I'm finishing up my final year of undergraduate work. My thesis is going well, but it needs a lot more work. I've been trying my hardest to put things in His hands and it worked for the first two sections. Now I'm working on the last section and my own need for control is creeping back in. I'm trying hard to relinquish control and trust in Him.

To add to my test of faith, I've applied to 4 grad schools to start a Psy D in child clinical in the fall. I haven't heard back from any of them. No yeas, no nays, and no "please come for an interview." I was doing okay with the waiting until I heard from a classmate that she had also applied to three programs, one of them being the same as one program that I'd applied to. She's heard back for interviews from two of them, one being the same program I applied to. I know in my heart that God will take me where I need to go and everything will be revealed in His time. However, convincing my head of that is taking considerable more effort. I'm trying to be patient, knowing God is watching my reactions and working on me through this time of waiting. I just pray that my anxieties calm and I am able to be the faithful servant I'm called to be while waiting to see where He wants me to be in the next years. As I'm sure you all know me, this is no easy task.

If you could spare a minute or two, I'd really appreciate a prayer. I'm not asking for God to show me right away or to help me finish my thesis today. I'm asking for patience and understanding, for peace while waiting. I'm asking for guidance, strength, and focus to write my thesis. (as part of my spiritual walk, I'm also working on learning to ask for the right things)

Thank you all!! Have a terrific weekend!


  1. i'll light a candle for you. i know it's hard. this is one of those moments when one of us looks at the other and rolls our eyes, cause we know that the other will get through it, no matter how little we believe in ourselves. know that i believe in you, and i believe your faith will lead you in the right direction. i love you. :)

  2. i said a prayer! i hope it helps... but i don't know how highly god prioritizes prayers from people with so little faith as me :) hope your shit works out soon. loveCarmen