Sunday, May 23, 2010


So gDiapers have had a false start in our house.  Our first take was a day we went to the mall.  The pitiful family bathroom was disgusting at best.  Even though I had something to lay under Logan, the changing area was so gross, I would have thrown away anything that touched it.  Instead, I laid Logan flat in his stroller and changed him there.  He'd been in his car seat a good bit (from 12:00 until probably 1-1:30) at one point getting very upset, thus sweating.  When I took him out to change him, I couldn't tell if his lower regions felt damp because of a diaper leak or sweating.  It felt too minimal to be a diaper leak, but it was only his diaper area...

Fail #1 came in trying to change the wet liner of the gDiaper in the cramped and awkward changing situation.  I gave up and ripped the whole thing off of him and put a BG on him.  I'm glad I did for the rest of our mall adventure.  It turns out there are more than 1 nasty changing stations in the mall.  Seriously...GROSS!

So we get home and I try again with the gDiapers.  Things seemed to be going well.  Fail #2:  Kevin got home and couldn't figure out how to change him.  I was in the middle of getting dinner on the table, so I told him to forget about it and just put a BG on him.  He was relieved at the reprieve.  I noted that I needed to perfect the changing and teach him before I threw that curve ball at him again.

I was determined to make this work.  I tried again with gDiapers when I mistimed the amount of clean BG diapers I had left with the length of laundering.  Well...Fail #3 happened.  I ran to grab something (though now I can't remember what...gotta love baby brain).  I left Logan on our oversized chair in the living room (I promise he was more than safe and sound).  I came back to him screaming, covered in his own urine...which was also covering the chair.  Uff!  I don't know exactly how long that diaper had been on him, but he'd been sleeping the whole time and he doesn't tend to soil/wet himself while sleeping (trust me he makes up for it when awake...the ped said some kids are like that).

So I don't know what to do.  We have the medium size pants which are supposed to fit babies 13-28lbs.  Logan was 12.5 lbs by our scale a week ago but only 11.75lbs by the ped's scale 1/2 week ago.  I'm not sure if this is the problem...he's just not big enough yet?

As for the trouble changing him...I'm wondering if it would be easier to change the insert each time or prep the  extra liner and change out the liner AND insert each time.  

I know a couple of you out there are using gDiapers...any thoughts, experiences, woes, victories?


  1. I really like our gDiapers even though I don't really have any other cloth diapers to compare them to. I only rinse out the liners once a day. Otherwise I just change the pad each time. I'll change one boy, put the pad in the bucket and just leave the empty diaper out to air for a little bit until both boys are content/sleeping. Then I'll refill the liner with another pad.

    I usually only have leaks when they're on in the mornings for too long. They pee more in the morning I think because they pee less over night. So I just need to make sure after they eat their breakfast I change diapers before the morning nap. Both my boys are using the small diapers still, but I just went and bought 1 medium size pack of the pads and covers. I put them on Isaiah today and he's done pretty good so far. I just pull them up high and tight so they fit his thighs right.

    And as for outings and night-we use disposables so we don't have to deal with potential leaks and cloths on the road :)

  2. I'm glad to hear you're doing so well with them. I thought I'd figured out our issues, but we're right back to leaks again :( I think I need to look into a different brand of hybrid for Logan.

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