Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Now I remember....

So the reason I stopped posting was because life got busy. Hence why I haven't been posting lately. Between school and work and life...yeah

So our landlord suddenly decided he had a problem with our dog. Went off on Kevin and made a huge stink. After some legal advising (c/o someone I work for who's a lawyer), icky land lord has no ground to stand on. Regardless, we don't want to live here anymore. So...

Taking advantage of the absolutely stagnant housing market, Kevin and I are trying to buy a house. House shopping, signing papers for the mortgage broker, trying to make our crazy schedules match with a realtor....

We found a couple of houses in really nice neighborhoods that are priced lower than the average home in those neighborhoods. One is really low but we'd do a lot of changes, some immediate, some over time. The others are at the top of our price range, so it would be harder to make any changes if they're needed. We haven't seen anything from the inside yet, but we peaked in a lot of windows (of vacant houses only, of course). We've got high standards, but we've got time and a crappy market on our side. Some houses are sitting for years. We know of several people who pulled their houses off the market after a year or two. One house in their dad's neighborhood has been on the market for 5 years or so. People are finally starting to lower the prices and things are affordable again.

But, that's all for now. At least all I can share. I'm mixed up in this preposterous drama at school which is annoying, but nothing of consequence, at least for me.

Back to homework and getting this place presentable.


  1. I found your blog via the Beaver's. I enjoyed a reading a bit of it, so wanted to tell you so. I get to St. Pete now and then -- lovely town!

  2. Hey! I'm still alive... just got HORRIBLY busy.

    So... did you find a house?

  3. will you come back to the blog? i was off for awhile now back, new blog, new name. used to be jodes of the stuff in my head.