Thursday, February 21, 2008

Poop on a stick

I feel miserable. I should have gone to the gym this morning, but the same reason I should have really gone is the same reason I stayed home....

I guess once your body gets used to eat at least somewhat healthy, it really revolts against the not so healthy stuff. I've been trying hard to pay attention to what I eat lately. Last night we didn't manage to get around to eating until nearly 9:00pm. Considering we usually go to bed around 10-11, that's LATE. Being that it was getting so late and we had little to nothing to eat at home, we decided to go out. Just as we were getting in the car, the phone rings. Kevin's mom wants to meet us. Sure, great. Well, we wind up at Bennigans. I'm not a fan to begin with, but whatever. We get there and nothing looks good to me except a burger. I do not eat burgers. I've just never liked them. So it's a bit odd that I would want a burger, but hey, I have been known to eat one every few years. MISTAKE!!!! I got this grease laden pile of fat with a side of french fries. I almost never eat french fries anymore either--not because I don't LOVE them, but because they're way more fattening than I'd like to ingest. Yeah, ate every single one on my plate.

I went to bed feeling less than attractive. Slept for shit. Woke up feeling like I was oozing grease from every pore of my body. My stomach is still all angry and threatening to mutinty at any minute. And I'm afraid to wear anything that puts any amount of pressure on my stomach.

Time to get ready for work and school.



  1. Urgh.

    I feel your pain. I successfully cut fast food / greasy food from my diet... almost. The exception is bacon, for which I have a weakness.

    I still feel icky when I indulge.

    De verdad, lo siento !!!

  2. Kevin's mom had full blown food poisoning after that. I feel lucky, now.