Monday, December 19, 2005


Alas, I cannot make myself do my school work. I will be kicking myself for this shortly, as my first assignment is due by Christmas Eve- a 10 page paper in Spanish on an epic poem that I'm really not excited about (probably because I need to read it again to actually get it). I've read the poem, once, and read some supplementary material. However, I'm completely unmotivated and there's not a single word typed, for the paper that is. I've been really trying to limit my activities so that I'm not procrastinating as horribly, hence the lack of posting. Yet, I find myself just starring into space instead.

I just want to enjoy my break like everyone else!!!

A wise person once said,

"Procrastination is like masterbation. It feels good at first but in the end you're just f'ing yourself."

Too bad I never listen! OY!

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